Three Trees Yoga began as a shared intention.

Three Trees Yoga first opened its doors to the Federal Way community in June 2005.  It was born out of a shared intention by its original founders – Jeni Martinez, Suzy Green and Karen Schwisow – to create a quiet, serene space where the community could come to practice yoga.  From that intention came not only a welcoming place, but a friendly and supportive community,  in which to practice yoga, that has thrived for the past 17 years.  Three Trees is blessed with dedicated teachers, passionate in their continued study of the practice of yoga and sharing of that knowledge with their students.  No matter where they find themselves in their yoga journey, students are met with friendliness and compassion and encouraged to continue in their journey.

In the Spring of 2022, another chapter of the Three Trees story was started with the shared intention of Shawn Harju, Xiomara Melgar and Celeste Harrison, each with their own unique journey that brought them to the Three Trees community.     


Ever since I first became part of the Three Trees community in 2005, I knew that I wanted my involvement to be something more.  But, life happened along the way.  And, then COVID came along and, as with many other things in my life, I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I signed up for the 200-hour Teacher Training.  Little did I know that changes were in the works that could potentially make it the last one at Three Trees as I knew it.  The Teacher Training not only gave me access to the spiritual side of yoga that I had not yet fully experienced, it introduced me to the beautiful soul – Xiomara Melgar.  Not too long after we graduated from Teacher Training, I learned that Suzy Green and Karen Schwisow were looking for someone to buy Three Trees.  Initially, I hesitated.  Thanks to my mentor Suzanne Adams though, I was encouraged to ask, “Why not?”  And, within a very short timeframe I had asked my long-time friend Celeste Harrison if she wanted to buy a yoga studio with me.  She said yes, but we knew we needed another tree to complete the team – Xiomara was the obvious choice.  We are all thrilled to be working together to continue to grow this amazing community that has provided so much for so many years.  Please stop by to say hi anytime.  We would love to have you.

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I fell in love with yoga in 2015 while recovering from a knee injury. I wanted to get back to my “normal self” but instead, I began to unwrap a new, refined and healthier version of myself. Yoga has been my safe place, my go-to for grounding.

I always knew I wanted to take Teacher Training but I was in a hamster wheel until the pandemic hit and I lost my source of income. 

One of my longtime teachers, Dylan Noebels, reached out to tell me about a scholarship opportunity for Teacher Training. I applied and received the warmest welcome and support from Karen Schwisow and Suzy Green.

Timing couldn’t have been better, my teacher training was a life changing experience. It was such a nurturing group where friendships developed, among them was Shawn Harju, one of the strongest advocates and empowered souls I have ever met. She has trusted me with our Three Trees’ family and the gift of introducing me to Celeste Harrison, a breath of fresh air. Kind and patient, Celeste doesn’t seem to believe in impossible tasks. 

I am truly honored to stand next to such strong and caring women.

Gratitude to our founders Karen, Suzy and Jeni, to our marvelous teachers, to family members and especially, to all and every single one of you that have made possible this wholeness community!



I have known Shawn for more than two decades. We were friends when I left the Pacific Northwest in 2002 and we have remained friends for the past 20 years while I tried to find a way to return to the area. All my attempts were thwarted. I accepted that I would not be returning to this place that held my heart. In the meantime, I built a career, became a nationally-ranked competitive ballroom dancer, and learned to take care of myself. I had a casual yoga practice that I dipped in and out of periodically, but I never fell in love with a studio.   

Change, even good change, hurts. In January 2022, I had lost everything I thought I valued in my life: my life; my job, my marriage, and my home. I didn’t, however, lose my friends. I’ve known Shawn for over two decades. We watched each other become adults and professionals in the same industry. In February 2022, Shawn gave me a way back to the Pacific Northwest. In the months, I have fallen in love with Three Trees, with its teachers, with the space, with the energy that emanates from the space, and with the incredible Xiomara Melgar. I am so excited to be part of this special place at a time when so much growth, opportunity, and love are possible. 

P.S., if you ask me to dance, I will say yes.

Original Founders:
Karen, Suzy, & Jeni
Original Founders: Karen, Suzy, & Jeni