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Three Trees Yoga began as a shared intention.

Three Trees Yoga first opened its doors to the Federal Way community in June 2005.  It was born out of a shared intention by its original founders – Jeni Martinez, Suzy Green and Karen Schwisow – to create a quiet, serene space where the community could come to practice yoga.  From that intention came not only a welcoming place, but a friendly and supportive community,  in which to practice yoga, that has thrived for the past 17 years.  Three Trees is blessed with dedicated teachers, passionate in their continued study of the practice of yoga and sharing of that knowledge with their students.  No matter where they find themselves in their yoga journey, students are met with friendliness and compassion and encouraged to continue in their journey.

In the Spring of 2022, another chapter of the Three Trees story was started by Shawn Harju.

Shawn Harju


Ever since I first became part of the Three Trees community in 2005, I knew that I wanted my involvement to be something more.  But, life happened along the way.  And, then COVID came along and, as with many other things in my life, I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I signed up for the 200-hour Teacher Training.  Little did I know that changes were in the works that could potentially make it the last one at Three Trees as I knew it.  The Teacher Training gave me access to the spiritual side of yoga that I had not yet fully experienced.  Not too long after I graduated from Teacher Training, I learned that Suzy Green and Karen Schwisow were looking for someone to buy Three Trees.  Initially, I hesitated.  Thanks to my mentor Suzanne Adams though, I was encouraged to ask, “Why not?”  Please stop by to say hi anytime. I am thrilled to carry forward into the future the intention of Three Trees started by its founders and add to it my intention to introduce yoga to others as something that is for everyone.

Original Founders:
Karen, Suzy, & Jeni
Original Founders: Karen, Suzy, & Jeni