Here are some of the things students from Three Trees Yoga are saying:


Great experience. Three trees is everything my friend said. I especially appreciate that all of you were respectful of my individual needs and did not try and “sell” anything.

Sue Todaro

I want to tell all of you:  my yoga practice has been the best thing, along with my instructors, whom I adore.  You have all become my best friends.  I tell you things I have never told anyone and you guys care…I love you all

Terry Massey

I wanted to express my happiness at Rebecca’s instructor skills. I have now participated in two of her classes and thoroughly enjoyed them. You can understand her instructions, and her classes left me feeling wonderful, both in mind and body.  She will be a great addition to your team of teachers and leaders.

Sue Heaps

The Yin Class – I LOVE IT!  As a runner, the focus on hips, lower back and hamstrings is perfect. Janice is such a fabulous teacher she makes it fun.  I can truly feel a difference, especially in my running – no more hip pain! I also love my Rise & Shine class; Suzy is the best. I don’t know what I would do without yoga

Kathy Drew

Is it possible that after just one yoga class I slept better and woke up feeling better and 100% more focused and in a better mood today?

Peter Pental

I am happy that the health club dropped yoga temporarily and I got an opportunity to find your school as I love it and it has helped me tremendously.  I had been going to the health club for 3 years but I have improved a lot after joining Three Trees Yoga. I am from India, the origin of yoga, and to me Three Trees is the best.

Jim Sola (Papa Giki)

After only a few sessions, I was more relaxed and had a continuous awareness of a more peaceful environment. The yoga focus helped me slow down and get better organized on daily tasks which resulted in getting more done in less time with less stress. Instructors are excellent. The environment is tranquil with no similarity to the big box type exercise clubs.

Chris Cole

I think you do an awesome job.  I love the experience that you present at your studio.  It is hard for me to believe that in October it will be a year since I first visited your studio.  Karen’s class the other day reminded me of why I come.  I enjoy the “mini-retreat” that each of your classes offers me.  When I started my private counseling practice a year and a half ago, I knew that I would need to be diligent about self-care.  Your yoga studio and all of you provide me a place where all of my needs are taken care of (this is the only place in my life where nothing is required of me). I love the simplicity of not having to think, or remember to bring anything. The hour or hour and fifteen minutes I spend each time I come truly is a “mini-retreat” and relaxes and recharges me in the same moments. I am extremely grateful to each of you for what you add individually to make the Three Trees Yoga experience all that I could hope for.  Thanks again for the incredibly amazing job that all of you do.

Rachelle Koran

I can’t say enough about what a sacred space & beautiful community you Trees have cultivated. Every time I walk into the studio I feel heaviness drop away, space being created, & as if I’m being welcomed home!

Catherine Tamior

It is always an honor to practice (Tai Chi/Qigong) where we can, but it is a true delight to practice in such a nicely appointed, calm and clean studio in the midst of so many nice humans.

Joanie Miller

Yoga has become a way of life for me ever since I walked through the open door into a room where a yoga class was starting with Jeni as the instructor. When the expertise and creative talents of Suzy, Karen and Jeni came together with the birth of Three Trees Yoga; I walked through the Trees door knowing the reception would be nurturing, supportive and compassionate – all part of the yoga experience at their beautiful studio. Since then I have become a yoga teacher and have moved several hours away from the studio, but whenever I’m in the area some time is spent taking classes there enjoying being a student; growing in my practice with their wonderful tutelage; reaching that peaceful, subtle place of stillness. No matter where I roam or how many yoga studio doors I go through, walking into Three Trees Yoga feels like being home.

Ellen B

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful class Dana taught last night – it was the Y12SR class. She is an inspiring teacher. The class studio was very zen. It is also nice to have a class in Federal Way instead of having to drive to Seattle.  I will share with friends about this class and about your studio and I will keep coming back.

Valerie Tao

I have been going to your beautiful and peaceful studio for over two years and have found balance, peace, and my body is at its best shape in my life.  I have always loved getting fit – running races, taking bootcamp and weight training and other hard core fitness classes to increase my level of fitness.  Yoga is the reason that my core is much stronger, my waist is much slimmer, my arms and legs are much toner, and I cannot believe how flexible I am!  Best of all, my soul has found the peace I needed in my life.  Yoga has also helped me be more focused and able to deal with life with more compassion.  I love all your instructors and take Dylan & Jeni’s class regularly due to my schedule.  I wish the time in class would not pass so quickly in the hour and fifteen minutes.  Now my husband has tried yoga and loves it too.  He found it helps strengthen his back, core, and neck – and it is much more fun than going to the chiropractor.  I recommend yoga at Three Trees to anyone who would like to be fit and would like peace and balance in their life.  Thank you Jeni, Suzy, and Karen for providing me a retreat studio (truly a slice of heaven on earth) that nurtures not only my body but my spirit as well. 

Evelyn Saunders

I went to my first beginner’s yoga class today. I had a small miracle to share with you. About exactly a week ago I got a pinched nerve in my lower back. I was about to call and make a doctors appointment because it was not going away. The pain was not preventing me from getting my work done but it was constant and nothing helped!  I went to the beginner’s yoga class and they did a lot of stretching of the hips and lower back. Guess what…no more pinched nerve! It is totally and completely gone! I understand why chiropractors suggest yoga for back problems. It was like getting an adjustment and a massage all at once. Thanks…I’ll be back!” 

Sarah Massey

I can only say thank you and “WOW”!!!!   I am so grateful that I am now participating in yoga classes at Three Trees. The classes have been very helpful to me through some challenging health issues and I look forward to continuing with your studio. Thank you, thank you for providing a beautiful space for the practice of yoga.  I truly appreciate being on the mat in your studio.” 

Kim McLeod

I have been a regular student at Three Trees Yoga since 2007 when I discovered I had breast cancer. I felt embraced, listened to, supported and respected as I navigated my health crisis. I also was dealing with significant challenges with my son’s autism diagnosis. Three Trees Yoga is a sanctuary to me that I can come and go to and ALWAYS feel embraced and welcomed. The classes are authentic, build community, reflect the times and are grounded in education and knowledge. The staff and owners are committed to a rich, individualized yoga practice for their members.